Our Mission:

The service industry is filled with some of the most vibrant, intelligent, resilient, giving and kind individuals that you’ll ever find. Through the years, our founders have all personally benefitted from the positive experiences within the service industry and the bond of brotherhood that comes with it. Many of us thrive in this industry and that’s why we love it so much.

Unfortunately, our industry is also riddled with mental health struggles. While we are a tribe of STRONG men and women, we are not shielded from the gauntlet of mental health. Depression, anxiety and acute stress top this list for many, but the struggles are spread far and wide. Many times, our brothers and sisters are unable to reach out and get the help or support that they really need to be successful. Whether they are hindered by stigma, lack of knowledge of available resources or inability to afford the resources provided, so many slip through the cracks and end up suffering silently.

Our founders have come together to develop a foundation that will assist in raising positive awareness and providing financial assistance to our local service industry to break the cycle of mental health related tragedies. With your support, we will be able to share the love and good nature of Jerrod Harper’s heart through a H.U.G, the HarperFest Unity Grant.